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Unlock your growth with unlimited mailboxes, unlimited active leads
and send unique cold emails at scale.

Which is better for cold email outreach, Mailead or We'll explore the differences later, examining how many emails can be connected and the monthly email sending limits.

What is Emelia ? is a modern and intuitive cold emailing service with extensive analytics and rich functionality at an attractive price. Email marketing experts can count not only on traditional services but also on some advanced functions that help make outreach progress more efficient.


Our initial pricing may appear similar, but a closer look at the number of connected mailboxes reveals that our pricing is far more competitive. You might think that using just one mailbox is sufficient. However, let's examine if that's truly the case in the next section on Deliverability.


Experts advise against sending more than 50 emails per day. Let's do the math and compare:

We therefore offer the possibility to connect as many emails as possible unlimitedly to increase your chance of responses and better deliverability. This is why the multisender and sender rotation require having multiple connected email addresses. We will explore why this is important in the next section.

Multisender and Sender Rotation

Mailead excels with its sender rotation feature, facilitating the rapid creation of cold email campaigns while maintaining a good reputation and excellent deliverability. This function allows connecting multiple email addresses at a reduced cost, all manageable from a single dashboard, ideal for maximized campaigns using all available mailboxes. Sender rotation, a common practice in email marketing, involves alternating the email addresses used for sending, thus avoiding being marked as spam, contributing to maintaining a healthy sender reputation, and ensuring the delivery of emails to the inbox.

AI-driven Personalization

Mailead leverages advanced artificial intelligence to craft highly personalized email sequences for each campaign, significantly enhancing campaign efficiency. This personalization capability surpasses that of Emelia, enabling Mailead to more effectively tailor messages to meet the unique needs of each recipient.

Advanced Reporting

Our reporting system is easy to understand and very detailed. By clicking on each report, you can directly see the list of people who have responded, opened, etc. This helps save time in analysis and act quickly. For example, you can easily identify those who have opened an email but not responded, and launch a new campaign targeting only these individuals. No need to download and sort CSV files for this.

Responsive Design and Simplicity

Mailead is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring smooth and suitable use on all devices. This flexibility allows users to launch and manage their email campaigns from anywhere and at any time, directly from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The optimized user interface not only ensures easy navigation but also the ability to receive and respond to emails efficiently, thus offering a superior user experience without the constraints of location or time.

Customer Support

Mailead stands out with customer support available 7/7, unlike Emelia which offers support from Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM. We are committed to responding quickly and effectively to all customer needs.