Mailead vs

Unlock your growth with unlimited mailboxes, unlimited active leads
and send unique cold emails at scale.

Which is better for cold email outreach, Mailead or Smartlead? Later, we'll delve into the differences, focusing on the limits for monthly email sends and the effectiveness of personalized cold emails.

What is Smartlead?

Smartlead is recognized for its cold email outreach software, which is tailored to boost the scale and impact of business email campaigns. The software offers various features, including unlimited mailboxes, an automated email warmup feature, and a convenient "unibox" that merges multiple communication channels into one platform.


We both provide unlimited email mailboxes. However, unlike Smartlead, we also offer unlimited active leads. We understand that it's neither fair nor practical to have to delete campaigns just to benefit from active leads again. Additionally, our pricing is far more attractive and beneficial.


Both of us offer the multisender option: connecting multiple email addresses at a lower cost, all manageable from one dashboard, perfect for big campaigns using all available mailboxes to avoid landing in spam. However, Smartlead only offers 6k emails per month and 2k active leads per month, while Mailead offers 7k emails per month and unlimited active leads.

AI-driven Personalization

Unlike Smartlead, we have an option that lets you create high-quality, ultra-personalized sequences and messages using our AI. This helps users create their campaigns faster and also increases their response rate with better cold emails.

Advanced Reporting

Our reporting system is simple and detailed. By clicking on a report, you can immediately see who has responded, opened the email, and more. This saves time in analyzing and lets you act fast. For instance, you can quickly spot who opened an email but didn't reply, and start a new campaign just for them. You don't have to download and organize CSV files to do this.

Responsive Design and Simplicity

Mailead is made to work well on all devices, ensuring easy and appropriate use whether on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This flexibility means you can start and handle your email campaigns from anywhere, at any time. The user-friendly design of the interface makes it easy to navigate and respond to emails efficiently, providing a better user experience without being limited by location or time.

Customer Support

Mailead excels by offering customer support seven days a week, in contrast to Smartlead, which responds to your questions via email within 24 hours.