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Enable our fully automated Email Warmup with just one click. Keep your emails out of spam and build a good sending reputation by having positive interactions.

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Activate your Warmup with just one click

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Connect your sending email accounts

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Improve your deliverability with one click

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See the magic happen: Never get trapped in spam again

Email Deliverability

Boost your Deliverability

Don't stay stuck with bad deliverability like Company A does. Warming up your emails allows your provider to understand that you are not a spammer. With our Free Email Warmup, increase your open rate and boost your revenue.

Warmup Analytics

Monitor your Warmup Data

Boost efficiency with our advanced analytics dashboard. Quickly identify top-performing messages, analyze email lists, and optimize your email sequences for better results.

Intelligent Warmup

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Send emails gradually with our unlimited email warmup

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Choose your settings for greater flexibility

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Help you protect your domain and account deliverability


What is email warmup?

Email warmup is the process of gradually increasing the number of emails you send from a new or inactive email account. This helps to build a good reputation with email providers, so your messages are more likely to reach the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Why is email warmup important?

Email warmup is important because it helps to avoid your emails being marked as spam. By starting slowly and increasing the volume over time, you show email providers that you are a trustworthy sender.

How long does email warmup take?

You should always keep your sending email accounts in warmup mode. Even if you are not actively using your sending email account, it is advisable to keep it in warmup so that the provider sees you as a trustworthy sender, which will improve your deliverability over time. Stopping the warmup is recommended only if you never plan to use the email address again. However, if your sending email account is new, it needs to be warmed up for 2 to 4 weeks.

How do I warm up my email account?

You only need to click on the warmup button that you will see next to your connected email. We take care of the rest, and you don't have to do anything.

How do you recognize it's an email warmup?

We use AI to simulate conversations from real people. Each warmup email has its own unique ID, which sets them apart from regular emails.

Is there free email warmup available?

Yes, you can connect your sending email account and put it through warmup for free. You only need to signup 😉